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Welcome to the official web site for "BALD KNOBBER" the motion picture now in production in Southwest Missouri. This true story is about the 1880s vigilante group that terrorized Taney County Missouri.

Michael Johnson

Curtis Copeland
Angela Stephens

Michael Johnson - Sean Murray - Curtis Copeland

Michael Johnson is the owner of Bear Creek Productions and has over thirty five years of creative experience in production and entertainment. He has worked with top stars including "The Oak Ridge Boys" - The Gatlin Brothers - Colin Raye, Billy Dean as well as creating special visual effects. for top shows including "Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby" , "The Promise" and "Celebrate America".

While researching the history of Branson, Missouri for a documentary, Michael discovered the amazing story of "The League For Law And Order" , known locally as the "Bald Knobbers". That turned into a whole new ballgame. Michael knew the story had to be told. The project officially began in 2013 with meeting Curtis Copeland at the grave site of Nathanial Kinney in Forsyth, Missouri. Curtis is a local historian and spent his life seperating factsfrom fiction regarding the legend of the Bald Knobbers.

Working together, the screenplay began to take shape and eventually became the true story of this part of Southwest Missouri. The film features:

* 72 featured actors
* over 100 riders on horses
* 500 background extras
* 62 scenes shot in 39 different locations in Missouri and Arkansas. Many scenes were shot at the actual location of the original event of the 1880s.

The motion picture "Bald Knobber" is a labor of love for history. It is the true story of the men and women that walked this ground before us, knowing that any given day could be their last.